The clearer your strategy, the better your story.

The war for talents, the next generation at the helm, new market dynamics, and changing customer needs. In times of rapid change, successful entrepreneurs and managers keep their ears to the ground and their sights on the future. They reevaluate strategies, accelerate decision-making and pursue a new course to secure a market stronghold and gain a foothold in a new market. Time to step up communication, turn the page and start a new chapter to keep stakeholders in the loop and relationships with them alive.


As a sparring partner, I tailor strategy and communication to the individual needs of your business and your capabilities.


In doing so, I ask the right questions and listen carefully to

  • unlock your untapped potential by identifying relevant future topics,
  • open the doors for creative concepts,
  • reveal how resources can best be pooled by casting a critical eye on corporate culture and its organization,
  • steer decision-making and help manage change with the right mix of experience and knowledge, sensitivity and empathy.

After all, the content of your success story relies on a sound strategy.


“Ursula Matras is an expert who puts herself in the client’s shoes to gain an in-depth understanding of aims and objectives. Her communication skills are an asset for our international marketing and sales activities. I know no one else who combines professional expertise with market-driven communication as well as she does.”

J. Frank, Managing Director, ACV Group


“We value ART-OF-WRITING as a reliable and competent partner who works efficiently and flexibly to meet our targets as closely as possible. We are in really good hands here.”

S. Krupica, CEO, Grayling Austria