Fair Collaboration

Fair play is essential for successful teamwork.


Partners in Business

Customer projects are often as multifaceted as their business. Whether your project requires  top-notch advertising, video productions, graphic design, business law expertise or corporate risk assessments, you will benefit from my cooperation with fellow specialists.


Rest assured, I partner with the best-in-class.


Partner with Paws

Most of my customers knew Grace, my English Cocker-Spaniel and star of earlier newsletters. She constantly reminded me of the importance of precise communication as a unifying element. A lesson that prepared me for Competitive Obedience Dog Sport with her successor and male counterpart, Border Collie Skye.


Precision heel work, directed retrieving and jumping, hand signals from a distance or navigating a rally course are what this sport is all about. Communication plays a key role to ensure Skye responds swiftly to my posture, facial expression, and body language cues. As points are taken off for the slightest of mistakes, my language must be unmistakably clear.