Your reputation is more than an image. It's your best asset.

Changing market dynamics, new business fields, the next generation to shape the future, labour and skills shortages, and more, challenge your production, impact on the strategic position of your company and its way of communication. Thinking ahead, anticipating relevant issues and communicating them in a convincing and trustworthy manner are strategic cornerstones if you want to boost your image and ultimately protect your reputation.


Forward-looking Communication

Open, honest communication earns goodwill and strengthens relationships with stakeholders along the value chain. Information that explains the need for change and points out new oportunities gives people clarity and certainty, Sound facts help maintain reliability excellence. Walking the talk builds credibility and trust, a precious commodity and the foundation of every image.


Proactive communication strengthens that image, helps build social capital and plays a vital role in managing the reputation. When adversity strikes, proactive communication protects your most valueable asset – your reputation.


Proactive Measures

Communication and marketing teams often lack the time and resources to deal with this in detail. I take the pressure off them and work hands-on. I develop proactive measures that connect key players with stakeholders – be it an urgent one-pager, a compelling employer story, a specialist article as an effective sales tool. an image-boosting report, etc.

  • As business consultant with more than 20 years of experience in a wide variety of sectors, I help you deal with issues at hand and those waiting around the corner.
  • As communication strategist, I boost your corporate image and help pave the way for sustainable success through Strategic Communication.

I add value to your production business, whether you are a specialist, a global market leader, at the helm of a renowned family-run company or heading an international corporation.


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Ursula Matras, Business & PR Consultant

“Mutual respect and understanding define our cooperation. Ursula Matras keeps a finger on the pulse of the economy and implements communication accordingly. The speed with which she gained a profound understanding of our company, its people, strategy, and our most important issues, is impressive. Key messages and slogans not only perfectly match our strategy but are still used today.”

Dr. A. Hofer, CEO, Zeman Bauelemente


“Our trust-based relationship with Ursula Matras greatly contributed to the success of the strategic communication we implemented to reposition Christof Group. Ursula Matras is well acquainted with us, our strategy, our values, and the companies within the Group. Our bilingual website, our brochures and reports, as well as the measures we took mirror this understanding.”

S. Christof, CEO, Christof Group