Strategy & Communication provide powerful benefits.

Strategy and communication are like Siamese twins: one cannot exist without the other. In a rapidly changing, highly competitive market, your strategic position helps you to stay one step ahead of the rest. It increases your resilience to future challenges. Conveying relevant key issues through strategic communication helps you build a reservoir of trust and credibility before adversity strikes. When it does, a proactive approach to communication will prove vital.


I take the pressure off communication and marketing teams by working hands-on. By keeping my sights on tomorrow's success I help connect key players with new talents, customers, business and financial partners. In doing so, I develop proactive measures to build and protect your reputation and step in as:

I draw on a mix of experience, analytic and creative thinking as well as cross-sector knowledge. I am used to dealing with complex issues and skillfuly help you identify key issues and steer ideas in a new direction.

In communication content the spotlight is on you, the advantages of your products and services. I make customer benefits tangible and help attract target groups and stakeholders along the value chain through easy-to-read content.

My international business experience and communication skills help ensure that the right message appeal brings your success story to life. Bulding and reinforcing your image and your market position is the task. Protecting your reputation is the goal.


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“As a trusted partner since 2014, Ursula Matras has added great value to our annual reports and larger publications. Their content is drafted by GrECo experts in German or English. She ensures a uniform high-quality appearance in English by focusing on both message style and corporate wording. Besides that, I can always rely on her to delve into our key strategic issues and specialized topics. She is my partner at eye level.“

Mag. P. Steininger, Head of Group Communication, GrECo International Holding AG


“It is always a pleasure to work with Ursula Matras. She quickly grasped the complexity surrounding our products and solutions and made the right connections for marketing. At the first go she turned our wishes and initial ideas into reality and delivered top-notch quality on top of that.”

A. Glorius, Corporate Communication, WorldConnect AG – SKROSS