Combining Strategy & Communication

Strategy and communication are like Siamese twins: one cannot exist without the other. To set yourself apart from the competition, to be perceived and clearly understood by customers, partners and future employees, your unique strategic position must be communicated - internally and externally - with a concept that tells your success story.


Sparring partner for defining and designing your strategy

When dealing with complex strategic issues, I draw on the right mix of multifaceted experience, analytic and creative thinking as well as cross-sector knowledge. I use my skills and sure instincts to help you steer new ideas and thoughts in the right direction. As your sparring partner, I work with you to put your unique strategic position on the right track.


Bilingual expert copywriter

Whether in English or German, PR, image and marketing texts mirror the quality of products and services.  I provide easy-to-read stories that match your strategic objectives, your corporate wording and your target groups. The right key messages put the spotlight on your unique advantages and captivate your audience.


Tomorrow's success stories give you the edge

In either language, I use my intercultural expertise, international business experience and communication skills to ensure that your messages are spot-on. Corporate storytelling is part and parcel of your future success story. It is based on your strategy and reinforces both your image and strategic market position.