International Strategic Communication paves the way

International Strategic Communication paves the way for the export business. It supports a company’s optimal positioning in global markets, using clear and precise messages to underpin the strategic orientation.


Together with fellow experts I support both companies and their decision makers in their international expansion.


International Strategic Communication

  • is based on both the corporate and the marketing strategy,
  • uses captivating messages with pertinent information and
  • disseminates these through a bilingually coherent communication concept.

A key aspect is CEO Communication. It is used to transport the corporate identity and strategic orientation authentically, build trust, and demonstrate reliability and transparency.


Similarly, a responsible business conduct entrenched in sustainability initiatives and projects helps build trust and shape the corporate image. Honest and transparent sustainability communication minimizes risks and boosts your competitiveness in the long run.


Ursula Matras, ART-OF-WRITING, International Strategische Kommunikation