Adding value to your business

Strategy and communication are like Siamese twins: one cannot exist without the other. To set yourself apart from the competition, to be perceived and clearly understood by customers, partners and future employees, your unique strategic position must be conveyed, internally and externally. A tailored concept must tell your story.


However, management, communication and marketing teams often lack the time and resources to dedicate themselves to such issues. They tackle everyday tasks and juggle urgent matters while doing so. With the expertise offered by ART-OF-WRITING I take the pressure off them and add value:

  • I add the fresh view from the outside, combine it with experience, cross-sector knowledge and strategic thinking to spur new ideas.
  • Is use my language skills, storytelling and copywriting expertise to bring these ideas to life and put your unique strategic position on track.
  • As your needs are my top priority, I always lend an ear and act as sparring partner to ease decision-making.
  • Integrity and a keen sense for fair play are part of my DNA. I put my cards on the table, from a fair pricing strategy to a reliable result.

ART-OF-WRITING clients represent a colourful mix of varied and versatile businesses. Their feedback is available in German.